About Us

We'd like you to know that ... Terence and Carmel McGuckin may not be household names, and we're definitely not a big high street brand, but for 25 years we have been making beautiful, traditional, high quality upholstered chairs for some of Ireland's leading high street retailers and interior designers. Now, we're giving you, the individual customer, the opportunity to order directly from our workshop for a truly bespoke service. With a wide range of classic and contemporary chair designs and over 100 fabrics to select from, each chair can be made to your exact specification right down to your choice of feet. Or, if you prefer, you can send us your own fabric and we'll use that instead. You can even have the dimensions of your chair adjusted to suit your own particular requirements.

Our workshop is located in a very picturesque part of Ireland, beside Lough Neagh in Co. Tyrone (perhaps better known to Londoners as the best source of jellied eels in Europe!). We're not a big company. Normally we employ around 25 people, many of whom are now peerless in the craft of traditional upholstery. Ann and Malachy are unbeatable at pattern matching and when it comes to upholstery, John, Paul, Carl and Gareth have over 50 years experience between them.

If you're just getting to know us, the best way to start may be to select a few fabrics that you like and order up some samples and let's take it from there. Most of all we really look forward to pleasing you. That's the best part of our work, seeing someone's face light up on the arrival of their new chair. You'll be very pleased to know that we also provide free delivery to almost every part of the UK and Ireland, well, there are a few Islands that can be a little tricky but we'll try our best not to let them get the better of us!

If you have any questions about any of our chairs or fabrics we will be more than happy to talk to you.

Terence and Carmel McGuckin